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What's New in This Version

Thanks for using K! This release brings small bug fixes and performance improvements to help you manage your health better.


Dr. Google doesn’t know your health, and doctor visits can be expensive and inconvenient. With K you get smarter health information and access to quality healthcare in minutes. Turn to K anytime you don’t feel well to check your symptoms and chat with a doctor—no insurance required. Must be 18+.

• Tell K what’s bothering you to investigate your symptoms in a free two minute chat.
• Explore the conditions and treatments doctors recommended to people like you.
• If you need care, a virtual visit with a board-certified doctor costs less than a copay.
• Get a prescription, lab test order, or other remote medical care as needed.

• We never sell, rent, or share your personal health information.
• It’s secure and private. K is both HIPAA + GDPR compliant.
• K’s core AI learned from millions of medical charts, so it’s based on real world experience.
• Only see conditions and treatment options that are relevant to people like you.
• Experienced doctors spend quality time answering your questions.
• K is constantly improving the quality of the information it presents to you.

Talk to K and our experienced physicians about:
- Cold & flu symptoms
- Back pain & neck pain
- Headaches
- Abdominal pain
- Chest pain
- Rashes
- Fatigue
- STDs
- Stress
- Bladder infections
- Insomnia
- Hundreds of other health symptoms and medical conditions

Remember that the K app itself is not a doctor and doesn't give medical advice. Only a board-certified doctor can give you medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment through the app. Also, while K has information about most primary care conditions, the app doesn’t address orthopedics, dermatology, pregnancy, cancer, pediatrics, or trauma such as cuts, burns, or other injuries. You must be over 18 to use K.

Learn more at http://khealth.ai.