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[Why iReader?]
1. Countless copyrighted novels you can only enjoy on iReader
2. Multiple genres included, recommend the right one for you!
3. New stories updated on a daily basis
4. New free stories updated on a weekly basis
5. Super easy to read, all you need to do is to slide the screen
6. Enjoy reading even when you're offline

[Key Features]
1. Unique Typesetting: comparable to the layout of paper books
2. Screen Rotation: vertical and horizontal screen supported
3. Support Different Format: EPUB / TXT / MOBI / UMD, etc.
4. Eye-protection Mode: reading without tiredness
5. Auto-Read: Auto-Read liberates your hands
6. Build Your Own Library: manage your books like drag-and-drop desktop icons
7. Wireless Transmission: import your files between your phone and computer

[Hot Novels]
【Ex-husband, Behave Yourself】
She failed to win his heart after trying for three years, she decided to let go-a divorce! However, she found herself pregnant after that, while at the same time, was bumped into by her ex-“whose child is this?” ”Definitely not yours!”

【Mr. Carson, A Real Man!】
Cora did not expect Robert marrying with her was to make her a surrogate, however, the shameless mistress was her sister, Daisy……

【Mr. Walton, Please Control Your Love】
She had never expected that she would sleep with her deadly enemy, but it turned out to be a good match for both of them. While after marriage, his indifference finally angered her. “You damn bastard!”

【CEO Daddy's Excessive Love】
"After being framed by her stepmother, she had spent the entire night with that mysterious man. In the end, she was forced to leave another country. Five years later, she returned with a pair of beautiful dragon and phoenix treasures! However, on the day of her return, she had offended the handsome CEO. What shocked her even more was that this CEO and her son looked exactly the same! "A pair of cute photos accidentally went viral on the internet. One day, the CEO stepped forward and blocked her path." "Women, let's talk about the right to the care of children!" "Let's not talk about it!" A man placed her against the wall, "Alright, let's not talk about our children. Let's talk about when we can get a marriage certificate!"

[Hot Comics]
【Dominant CEO and Dominated Me】
The inexistent baby formed an unbreakable bond between an impoverished manga artist and a compulsive, misogynistic tycoon......She doesn't have the right to say no just because he is the powerful Jack Gong.

【Love from Domineering Him】
He said he hates you, but his body wants to have you. The secret that she tried everything to keep has been suddenly exposed, so shameless! Don’t think you’ll be loved by everyone just because you are handsome and full of energy!

【Flash Marriage-Sweet Wife】
To be the woman of He Qiaoyan, three conditions must be satisfied: like to be doted, like to be loved, and like to be given dearly care. The woman right meets the above three conditions, and holds the sole consciousness of belonging to him merely.

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12Good books horrible priceI wanted to use this app, I really did. I downloaded it for a preview of a book I seen and figured it would cost something, I bought $10 worth of vouchers or whatever, that didn’t even get me through the whole book. I refuse to spend that much money on a book when I can rent for free or a lot cheaper. Please stop being so ridiculous with your prices..
24Earn more bonuses and make corrections!I downloaded this app because of 1 book I found on Facebook. I’ve been using a different app with a similar concept. However this one makes it easier to get vouchers and coins to use to “purchase” each chapter. I also like that I can make corrections in the story. I can’t tell you how annoying it can be to see little mistakes but I feel like I get to be the author’s public editor. Not sure if I will continue to use this app once I complete this book. We will see.
31Way to expensiveI do think the stories very interesting, but way to much money. It’s more then you would pay if you went out and bought a book.
45Great LibraryLove the Lycanthropy books. Great authors that keep you interested and on the edge of your seat while readying.
55Love it!Love the books and everything about the app.
65Very goodGood stories
73LoveIt’s got great stories but the only downside with most of these apps are the coins!!
85ReviewI love the books. I love the apps the books are amazing
95Pretty good storiesChapters are semi long and keep you reeled in. The ivoucher thing for chapters are costly, but they do allow you to earn them.
105NiceNeeded points