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Byte Inc.

Size56.81 MB
Ratings7.61K 个评分 4.20
Languages 英语


What's New in This Version

two new things:
- your rebytes and likes are now tabs on your profile. you can choose to hide or show your likes in profile settings.
- we now display approximate seconds watched instead of loop count. note that there’s a slight margin of error (the number we’re showing tends to be a bit lower than the true total). that’ll be fixed soon.


byte is a video app for communities. find your thing, connect with new people, and share your world.

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11TrashWalmart TikTok
24GlitchesWhenever I try to add an audio, it pops up my photos.
34A few suggestions..Can we have the ability to have multiple acc plz
45Does this tke up all your dataCause if it do I’m going to give This app a one star and I know y’all don’t want. Me to do that and so yea so fix it right #BLM
54idea!maybe u should add the ability to search audios and to like do it like tiktok where u can search apps
65Better than Tik TokThis app supports black and LGTBQ creators and the community is amazing, unlike Tik Tok where they shadow banned black creators and the community is uh...ech...the interface is actually pretty simple and easy to use
75YesFinn Wolfhard has an account so it’s a good app
85TiktokThe only reason I got this app was because TikTok might get shutdown.
92OkIt wasn’t that good. It’s like a kid version of TikTok