Clash Video

Wave Video LLC

Size12.6 MB
Ratings477 个评分 4.40
Languages 英语


What's New in This Version

- fixed missing image profile bug
- fixed follow button bug in notifications


Welcome to Clash. An app for people who love watching and creating video the most. We've built tools for video creators to earn a living, and communities for fans to come together over the videos and creators they love most. Clash is for all creators who keep it Seriously Fun, and Seriously Creative.

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12Need lots of improvementI’m being nice by not giving it one star because i know this app just launched or watever but it’s laggy af! I can’t even make an account without it taking me off. I got to watch one video and when I went to read the comments the video paused is that what happens or is that part of the lag? Regardless needs lots of improvement. Wish this app well.
21Not Good.Glitches. Slow. Annoying.
31There a lot of glitchesIt doesn’t let me post or see videos
45Love this appI really love this app but is it coming to Android so I don’t have to use my iPad haha.
55Great app!This app has a lot of potential. You better hop on the bandwagon right now before it blows up. It will probably be bigger than TikTok one day.
65Great appGreat app but I just can’t see everyone I am following!
71EhhhhIt’s laggy so i can’t just scroll really fast because the videos take a few seconds to load and I don’t like that if you look at the comments the video restarts, I like looking at comments while watching the video so just let it play in the background like Tiktok
84Great community, has some glitchesThe community is really fun on there, but it is kind of glitchy. Hope to see new things and improvements in the updates!!
92I did not like itIt made my phone get hot and it log me out so I do recommend this app but it was good and it not like tictok
104Dear Devs,The creator bug still persists as it keeps showing my profile as the creator. My app is up to date as well. I also have to scroll through everything i just saw whenever i refresh my now serving.