Bedtime Creatures- Calm music

Gerardo Arizmendi

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What's New in This Version

Thanks for using Bedtime Creatures. This update contains performances and fixes.


A cuter way to calm the mind by playing our tapping relaxing game and listening to our relaxing melodies for Stress relief.

Relaxing game app
Listening to relaxing, calming melodies and a large variety of Nature Sounds has never been this easy with Bedtime Creatures. In this free relaxing app, you will have access to a collection of sounds of nature, relaxing melodies and relaxing tapping games that help you be more focused on your daily tasks and sleep better at night.

Sleep, relax and meditate with relaxing scenes that venture into the world of cuteness thanks to adorable animals paired with soothing sounds, mind-releasing music. True to the name, these bedtime creatures will erase the stress from your day with 6 melody scenes to choose from and relaxing clickers and tapping games. Sleep, relax, and find better focus on your daily routines with Bedtime Creatures, and calm a cranky baby down all in one!

It comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly that you will get the whole idea after opening the app for the very first time. Once you choose your favorite relaxing virtual environment among different sleep melodies to listen to, you can enable the sleep mode and set up the bedtime sleep timer.

6 Relaxing scenes for stress relief
The Snow Forest features a wide-eyed baby fox; on the Quiet Beach a friendly chameleon awaits; hidden in the Magic Bamboos, a precious panda helps you find your inner Zen; adorable baby rabbits brighten for a Sunny Day; a lively baby hedgehog makes some noise in Loudly Storm; and the Fire Camp is where you’ll find baby raccoon.

Each background is interactive, allowing you to have a moment of peace within these relaxing scenes. All creatures have cool accessories too. It’s a sweet app for taking a timeout to collect your thoughts and find relaxation at home, at the office, on the train or anywhere that you need some serenity. Tap, collect, expand and complete each scene and discover new relaxing nature sounds.

It’s also great for creating the perfect sleep environment. Bedtime Creatures can lull you to sleep in no time with extra ambient sounds, Peaceful sounds

Other cool mentions about this relaxing scene app with cute graphics: it has relaxing games. We found this fun when we couldn’t quite sleep or when we needed a break from the tedium of our workday. There are other relaxing scenes to take in too, like rain sound scenes and night scenes that add an extra level of comfort for those who need to take a moment to chill or stop negative thoughts from brooding in the mind.

So, if you are looking for a relaxing app to listen to sleeping sounds and relax melodies, download Bedtime Creatures for free on your device, choose the scene suiting your current mood the best and start playing the beautiful and calm sound of nature.

Bedtime Creatures main features at a glance:

- 6 relaxing melody scenes and nature sounds
- Snow Forest: ( Owl Sound, Wolf Sound, Wind Sound, forest Sound )
- Quiet Beach: (Ocean Waves Sounds, Crickets, Seagull Sounds, Whale Sounds )
- Magic Bamboo: (Zen environment, Water bamboo sound, frog tank, frog sounds )
- Sunny Day: ( Animal Forest sounds)
- Fire Camp: ( crackling fire, forest wind, animal sounds )
- Rain forest: (Rainstorm, owl sound, thunders )
* 42 Awesome Creatures
* Bedtime sleep timer
* Relaxing tapping games (Relaxing Incremental Game )
* Collect all Accessories to expand your virtual environment
- Play relaxing nature sounds and interact with the environment to discover more sounds
- Adjust the volume of Calming music and sounds to suit your mood
- Soothing music to help you sleep.

Useful for :
- Rest and relax sleep
- Stress, Pain and Anxiety relief
- Deep Sleep
- Insomnia
- Concentrate and focus better

Download Bedtime Creatures for free on your phone or tablet, and listen to a wide range of different relax melodies and sleeping sounds. Let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.